The Multimedia Rating Sistem(MRS) is the Rating Founded and Frequently Used by DiegoAmateur

E-Everyone Edit

MRS Rating E

This Rating Means That Everyone Can Watch This. Equals rating G and TV-G Rated Shows

PG-Parental Guidance Suggested Edit

This Program Equals PG Rated Movies and Low TV-PG Shows.

MRS Rating PG

Language is Limited to "Hell" "Crap" and

"Damn" and other ones in that variety

For Ages 10 and Up

T-For Teens 12 and UpEdit

MRS Rating T
This Equals PG-13 rated Movies that Could Have been Rated TV-PG or TV-14. This Can Also include a High Level of PG rated Content. The Strong Language can Variate from "Bitch" and "Dick" to "Assh***" and "S***". also includes PG-13 Movies Content

M-Nor Appropiates for Ages 15 and UpEdit

Equals The Strongest PG-13 Movies. Contains 1-5 F-words per half Hour.

MRS Rating M

MA17-For Ages 17 And UpEdit

Contains R-Rated Content

MRS Rating MA17


Equals NC-17 and is Intended to Ages 18 and Up 
MRS Rating A18